Jason Ganub

Head of Engineering
Sinarmas Quantum Engine

I'm an engineer, content creator, and a self-proclaimed lifestyle guru.

I specialize in backend and web development but focusing heavily on ramping up my mobile development skills.

My deepest interests include bringing products to life, building teams, culture, experimenting, and mentoring engineers.

I'm leading an upcoming stealth project, consults growing companies, and building my own products. I love to stay hands-on in both backend, frontend mobile, design, and product. In my spare time I play tennis, travel, surf, and whatever injects adrenaline into my life.

I've built numerous projects, contributed to open source, and built systems for startups.

Don't hold back on reaching out if you want to chat about projects, tips, or just getting to know each other.


Head of Engineering  @  Sinarmas Quantum Engine
Jan 2023 - Present
The S-Quantum Engine is Sinarmas Financial Services' Digital Factory
We are focused on transforming one of Indonesia's largest financial services groups to match the increasingly digital demands today's financial services sector.
Senior Engineering Manager  @  Sayurbox
Jan 2022 - Jan 2023
Managing and mentoring a team of 8 for Logistics last mile delivery
High emphasis in data science models for allocation, 3rd party integrations, and a great ops portal experience
Engineering Lead  @  Gojek
Jan 2020 - Jan 2022
Launched Transport Instant Gojek, Singapore GoCar Passes, Growth Experiments, and Scheduled Ride with GoClub.
Worked closely with the Driver team to build and integrate cancellation reasons, cancellation fee in Singapore, Instant location discovery, driver location tracking, etc.
Senior Product Engineer  @  Gojek
Jan 2018 - Jan 2020
Launched Kafka-based Driver Statistics V1 micro-service providing customers more information to increase trust.
Lead the Instant backend service for improvements and scaling new locations with above 90% code coverage, faster feature releases, and leveraged geofencing to notify nearby drivers when supply is low based off customer demand per Instant location.
Founding Engineer  @  Jago Coffee
Jun 2019 - Jan 2021
Jago is the first-ever mobile cafe and barista at your doorstep.
First onboarded engineer to build the backend infrastructure, order management system, and payment gateway integration with Midtrans using Firebase as the datastore.
Software Engineer  @  Intel Corporation
Jan 2015 - Jan 2018
Developed and managed the backend, automation, and the cloud infrastructure for a traffic of over 30 million hits a month in the Intel Update Manager team.
Lead the intellectual property plans of the codebase. Implemented a React web view displaying visual graphs and tables. Also created an object parser to create complex Excel sheets.


Business Information Systems  @  Oregon State University
2019 - 2014
When my first line of backend code was written that started the journey
Alpha Kappa Psi - Pledge Master