Jason Ganub

Project Title

Go S2

Description A library written in Golang that converts geojson polygon files to S2 cell IDs for a given S2 level. Role

I built this during my time in the Instant team as we relied on a Python Jupyter notebook. However; there was no version control for the notebook nor was it straight forward to debug. I wanted to sharpen my Golang skills so I replicated the same flow and learned a lot about S2 due to some minor differences from Python and Go's library. The Go Geo library is relatively new too so not every feature was ported.


Golang, S2, Geojson, Polygon


It's being used until this day within the Gojek Instant team and I wanted to open source it to give more people access to this as there is no other Go library that will convert Geojson Polygon to S2 ID cells off the shelf. The CLI is easy to use by non-technical people in the Instant team and since it's written in Golang; I was able to create builds in both Mac and Windows.