Jason Ganub

Project Title

Jago Coffee

Description Jago is an innovative mobile cafe retail on wheels that serves high quality, fresh brewed coffee and fresh made beverages with unique personal barista experience that is served directly to wherever our customers are. Jago provides specialty Arabica coffee and non-coffee drinks. Role

First onboarded engineer to build the backend infra, order management system (OMS), and payment gateway integration. Experimented with Chef, Ansible, Terraform, SSL autorenewals via scripting, and much more along the way. It was a great experience working with such ambitious peers in a very small and diverse team. The biggest takeaways was to build good enough engineering solutions, move fast, never sacrifice team culture, and that you can run a business on such limited software resources.


Golang, Firebase, Ansible, Digital Ocean


Paved the main OMS with good practices, CI/CD, and the service is functioning until this day on minimal resources and high availability.