Jason Ganub

Project Title

SG GoCar Pass

Description SG GoCar Pass is a feature that allows customers to buy bundles of vouchers as well as Surge Protect vouchers. Role

I lead the development of the SG GoCar Pass to allow customers to buy bundles of vouchers. It was a complex project as it entailed having to request the team we integrate with for the bundles to rewrite a new contract to fit our needs. Then I coordinated the timelines with frontend folks with milestones so we can continually deliver. We launched in SG in November and I also developed the feature under our experiment engine since that is what my team has expertise in. By doing that, we can target various segments based on device platform, app version, country code, etc. I can't expose any numbers but the impact has been great for both users and Gojek.


Ruby on Rails, Golang


A Surge Protect voucher protects you from surge pricing. Whenever you use these vouchers during times when rides are expensive, all you need to do is pay for the original amount – without the surge multiplier. So you get to travel your way, whenever you need to.